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Work in Sales? Here’s Some Tips to Kick Off Your Business in 2021

Are you ready to step up your marketing and business planning this year? 2021 marks a new year, and another opportunity for you to set goals for your business. If you're not sure how to make it happen, check out these 5 strategies to focus on. 

1. Create your business plan. Here are some items to address:

  • Identify what role you play within your business, as well as the roles of your team members
  • Do a SWOT analysis to identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and make sure you focus on each within your business plan
  • Analyze your target market, and identify what channels you will use to market to them
  • Analyze your local competition to see if there are holes you could fill or opportunities to take advantage of
  • Decide who your ideal customers are, and research their habits
  • Set a budget
  • Set obtainable personal, financial and growth goals, and outline the steps you will take to achieve them
  • Make a plan to track your progress and revisit your business plan regularly
  1. Make a plan for your leads. Be sure to have a process in place to ensure that every lead is captured and followed up with. “The fortune is in the follow up.” Most salespeople stop reaching out after 3 failed attempts, yet data shows that it takes 7 attempts before individuals can associate your name with your business.   
  2. Focus on Being Proactive. Every night create a “must-do list.” First thing in the morning, do the hardest thing on your list first. This will help eliminate procrastination and help you be more efficient.
  3. Try a Time Blocking System. Identify High Priority Tasks, schedule time on your calendar to do those tasks. Schedule in breaks. Eliminate distractions. Add your time blocking schedule to your agenda book and try color-coding different tasks, from urgent to routine. This is another great efficiency tool!
  4. Create a Plan for Past Clients. How are you going to keep in touch for the long hall? Schedule follow up calls. Reach out to everyone on your database, thank them for their referrals. Ask your mortgage partner to tell you about the Client For Life program which reaches out, via mail, to your past customers for 7 years.


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